Astrology-Based on Kundali

Past more than 20 years I am practicing astrology, which is purely focused on changing the perceptions, and helping the person to overcome his obstacles.   Astrology should always be taken as Guidance to understand the past scenario of the life . As Whatever you are today is product of your reactions to Past events happened in life.

Based on which I guide you on certain Astrology solutions, in parallel with Mind programming methods which help you to change your beliefs . We can analyse your charts based on Birth details . Based on which we can make your detailed chart which you can use for further reference anytime in your life and have a Call to discuss about various facets of your life . For Further details please check

Law of Attraction > Tools to Transform your life

Welcome to your own world, where you can find the tools to manifest your desires, achieve your goals, overcome your mind-blocks. You can overcome your beliefs , change your perceptions and see a new YOU coming out of you.  Principle behind this lies in one small sentence “Believe and Apply”.

To Introduce myself , I am Vivek Mantri,  Electronics Engineer  by profession, and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner , by Global Science Foundation from  USA.  Past few years I am applying these principles in my life and have seen Positive leap in various areas of life. Law of attraction can be considered as Key to unlocks the life Full potential. In Short Law of attraction is capable of  giving you

  • A Truly happy , Content life .
  • Perfect health
  • The ability to achieve and become whatever you want in life.
  • The ability to overcome present and future obstacles in life .
  • The ability to manifest healing in all aspects of life .

Inshort Law of attraction is capable of helping you in perusing your Goals and Fulfill your dreams .




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