Our Approach

We believe in hand holding,to help you achieve your Goals and desired outcomes.Our approach is to help you in identifying the thoughts which will keep you in positive vibrations .

Our Story

Today I am here,because Law of Attraction and Neuro Linguistic Programming which helped me to change my perceptions towards my Life after my Neurosurgery in 2013.Life had came to stand Still,But both these techniques helped me to work on myself, helped me to set new Goals,and achieve them So I started working with various people and helped them in overcoming their limiting beliefs.This gave me a Inspiraton to launch webpage where everyone can benefit out of LOA, NLP ,SubconsciousMind Healing, Astrology etc.


Hi I am Vivek Mantri, Professional Electronics Engineer Graduated in 1995,
I have following Credentials in terms of certifications
1} Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner from Global Science Foundation USA.
2} Registered and Certified NLP Practitioner from American Union of NLP.
3} Master Practitioner of NLP by India’s Leading Coach, Mr Ram Verma.
4} Memory Trainer using NLP Techniques by Mr Ram Verma.
Past 20+ years I am also practicing astrology and have worked with various clients across the Globe.