Astrology and Daily Life

Astrology and daily Life.

No one born in this world can escape from his or her Karmas.  Also these Karmas are associated with their charts and past lives . Most of people in modern society don’t believe it.
Infact if astrology is taken only as guidance it works miracles as it gives you complete idea about working out on all posibilities to make better future. But people who are after Money ,misguide people  and people don’t get right solutions to focus on. They lose the track and lose faith in Ancient proven science.  Resulting in loss of their own intutions power.
In past years, out of my own experience I can say, yes astrology exist and also it can be believed but not blindly.
Yes. Many times our charts are weak and prone to negative energies which means yes person is prone to get attracted towards negative energies knowingly or unknowingly. People around you no matter who, unknowingly can cast negative energies in form of chords which can bind your development.
Also many times house we live in has some issues which few of you might never believe.  Many times we even get affected because of few peculiar moles on our body . Jealousy of other people also creates issues in our lives.

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