NLP-Unique Way to Fight back Psychosomatic Disease

Psychosomatic Disease

Psychosomatic as word says is involvement of mind (psyche) and body (soma).Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. Your current mental state can decide how bad a physical disease is at any given time.

Which diseases are termed as psychosomatic?

Almost all diseases are Psychosomatic – involving both mind and body.

There is a mental aspect to every physical disease. How we react to disease and how we cope with disease varies from person to person. For example, the skin rashes may not bother some people very much. However, the rash covering the same parts of the body in someone else may make them feel depressed and more ill.
There can be physical effects from mental illness. For example, with some mental illnesses you may not eat, or take care of yourself, very well which can cause physical problems.

Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by triggering factors like stress and anxiety. Psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease, obesity are live examples. It is thought that the actual physical part of the illness (the extent of a rash, the level of the blood pressure, etc) can be affected by mental factors. This is difficult to prove. However, many people with these and other physical diseases say that their current mental state can affect how bad their physical disease is at any given time.

Some people also use the term psychosomatic disorder when mental factors cause physical symptoms but where there is no physical disease. For example, a chest pain may be caused by stress and no physical disease can be found.

NLP can play a very vital role in helping a person to come out of such mental states with proven patterns helping a person to change his state of mind , and slowly getting him off medicines with relevant doctors advise .Below NLP patterns sequentially provide good results in such cases.

1} Time line
2} Erasing painful memories if any
3} Swish pattern
4} Circle of Excellence

Limiting Beliefs

What are Limiting beliefs? Well they are negative thoughts which you think over and over, again and again, when our thoughts have negative beliefs , they send out negative vibrations , which prevent you from attracting your desires.

So how to identify these negative beliefs ?? Simple . Most of the times they are the sentences followed by the word >> Because for eg .

• I would like to start my own business but I can’t, because I am too old,
• I would like to have a tender and slim body but I can’t, because it’s in my genes, all my other family
members are FAT.
• I would like to have ideal life partner but I can’t because, I am not beautiful.
• I would like to follow my passion but I can’t because, I have to many responsibilities.
• I would like to write a book, but I can’t because I don’t have Degree.
• I would like to enjoy the trip but I can’t, because I am too much tensed.
• I want my kids to be successful but they aren’t because, they don’t follow their regime.

Similarly you can write down your limiting Beliefs.

So how to overcome these negative beliefs!! Yes by Allowing .
Allowing is absence of negative vibration, whereas doubt is negative vibration which is often created from limiting beliefs .

Tools to help you Allow.

Most important tool is Allowing statements , which help you to lessen your doubt ,which is preventing you from receiving what you want.After making your allowing statements, you will experience a sense of relief , that is believing you are really going to attract what you desire. Believing is other form of Absence of doubt .

How to identify that You’ve Allowed

Remembering that Allowing is the absence of negative vibration, there are two ways you can tell if you are allowing:
♦ First, you can express by how you feel. When you remove a negative feeling of resistance, most people feel a sense of relief or hear themselves saying “Ah, this feels much better!”
♦ The second way that you can express is by noticing when manifestation appears in your life. When evidence is showing up in your life, you know you are allowing.

Easy way to Create Allowing statements:

Whenever you find yourself having limiting beliefs or doubts you can use this Allowing statements technique. This will help you to release your doubts.

Writing your own allowing statements is very simple.

• Start yourself asking if there is anyone currently doing what you want to do? or having what do you want?
• If so then how many people are doing it since yesterday, past one week, month, one year.
• Write these statements in general terms because making reference to yourself will create more doubts.
• Also, make sure statements are easy to be believed.

Along with Allowing statements you also have to work on Law Of Attraction by acknowledging the things which you have and are receiving .

Jot down the proofs for LOA: This will help you to increase your belief in LOA, will keep you excited and help you map your manifestations. No matter what, please log it, regardless of its size. To lookout further on this topic, you can always contact me through email.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

Also you can have a look at 1 hour seminar on limiting beliefs which I had delivered

Astrology and Daily Life

Astrology and daily Life.

No one born in this world can escape from his or her Karmas.  Also these Karmas are associated with their charts and past lives . Most of people in modern society don’t believe it.
Infact if astrology is taken only as guidance it works miracles as it gives you complete idea about working out on all posibilities to make better future. But people who are after Money ,misguide people  and people don’t get right solutions to focus on. They lose the track and lose faith in Ancient proven science.  Resulting in loss of their own intutions power.
In past years, out of my own experience I can say, yes astrology exist and also it can be believed but not blindly.
Yes. Many times our charts are weak and prone to negative energies which means yes person is prone to get attracted towards negative energies knowingly or unknowingly. People around you no matter who, unknowingly can cast negative energies in form of chords which can bind your development.
Also many times house we live in has some issues which few of you might never believe.  Many times we even get affected because of few peculiar moles on our body . Jealousy of other people also creates issues in our lives.

For Further queries, if any you can email me .

How Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction has been always described as Key to Unlock life’s Full Potential ,which works on the Principle Like Attracts Like .

This law can be used by Anyone , Any time as long as person believes in it and able to understand its principles. It works as long as you erase the negativity and look forward for the things positively .  It works even if you have hit the Rock bottom of your life, as long as you keep your thoughts positive and focused completely on what you want in life . Law of Attraction is not partial, it will be applicable even if the person is thinking worst things in life and Trust me , he will  attract those worst things in life, because that person is consciously or subconsciously attracting the things .

Law of attraction works in similar way, the Gravity works. You cannot see the Gravity, but it Exists . It attracts things towards the ground at precise speed ,every-time somethings falls. So is Law of Attraction. You cannot see it but it works . Generally Positive magnet attracts negative charge, But LOA works exactly opposite.  Because if you try to attract Best health, it might attract death, if it works on normal principle of attraction, As opp of life is death.  For eg, if you analyse the biggest negative issue in your life , analyse what were you thinking about . Mostly 99% of people will say they thought, that their problem was worst problem . That is where you key in Law of Attraction in action. Negative Thoughts attract more negative results . Positive thoughts will attract more positive thoughts .

So YOU are the Magnet and everything you have right now in your life is result of your own thoughts, emotions and desires. You cannot disregard your thoughts , as Law of attraction works on every aspect of life . Living Healthy Life Style will attract best of Health, and Whereas unhealthy life style will give relevant results.

So Choice is yours, You are the Magnet .




Overcoming Beliefs

Today whatever we are is the product of your Response to the Events, which are ongoing in our life . Responses are totally dependent on the beliefs which are imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Event * Response =Outcome, Universal Equation since ancient times is still holding true. And we are the  solely responsible for the Responses, we cant blame anyone for the response we gave at particular Event or on particular incident. This Blame Game is one of the biggest culprits which keeps us into comfort Zone, as to shrug of the shoulders and waive off our responsibilities Blaming others.  Many of us are never ready to accept the fact  that we have a wrong belief system.  Since our childhood these beliefs get imprinted in our mind, and we develop the perceptions based on those beliefs . These beliefs become so strong that they also reflect in our Body language , resulting in hampering our growth. These wrong beliefs also set Wrong perceptions about the people , events, Social life , Relationship etc.