Overcoming Beliefs

Today whatever we are is the product of your Response to the Events, which are ongoing in our life . Responses are totally dependent on the beliefs which are imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Event * Response =Outcome, Universal Equation since ancient times is still holding true. And we are the  solely responsible for the Responses, we cant blame anyone for the response we gave at particular Event or on particular incident. This Blame Game is one of the biggest culprits which keeps us into comfort Zone, as to shrug of the shoulders and waive off our responsibilities Blaming others.  Many of us are never ready to accept the fact  that we have a wrong belief system.  Since our childhood these beliefs get imprinted in our mind, and we develop the perceptions based on those beliefs . These beliefs become so strong that they also reflect in our Body language , resulting in hampering our growth. These wrong beliefs also set Wrong perceptions about the people , events, Social life , Relationship etc.