How Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction has been always described as Key to Unlock life’s Full Potential ,which works on the Principle Like Attracts Like .

This law can be used by Anyone , Any time as long as person believes in it and able to understand its principles. It works as long as you erase the negativity and look forward for the things positively .  It works even if you have hit the Rock bottom of your life, as long as you keep your thoughts positive and focused completely on what you want in life . Law of Attraction is not partial, it will be applicable even if the person is thinking worst things in life and Trust me , he will  attract those worst things in life, because that person is consciously or subconsciously attracting the things .

Law of attraction works in similar way, the Gravity works. You cannot see the Gravity, but it Exists . It attracts things towards the ground at precise speed ,every-time somethings falls. So is Law of Attraction. You cannot see it but it works . Generally Positive magnet attracts negative charge, But LOA works exactly opposite.  Because if you try to attract Best health, it might attract death, if it works on normal principle of attraction, As opp of life is death.  For eg, if you analyse the biggest negative issue in your life , analyse what were you thinking about . Mostly 99% of people will say they thought, that their problem was worst problem . That is where you key in Law of Attraction in action. Negative Thoughts attract more negative results . Positive thoughts will attract more positive thoughts .

So YOU are the Magnet and everything you have right now in your life is result of your own thoughts, emotions and desires. You cannot disregard your thoughts , as Law of attraction works on every aspect of life . Living Healthy Life Style will attract best of Health, and Whereas unhealthy life style will give relevant results.

So Choice is yours, You are the Magnet .