Limiting Beliefs

What are Limiting beliefs? Well they are negative thoughts which you think over and over, again and again, when our thoughts have negative beliefs , they send out negative vibrations , which prevent you from attracting your desires.

So how to identify these negative beliefs ?? Simple . Most of the times they are the sentences followed by the word >> Because for eg .

• I would like to start my own business but I can’t, because I am too old,
• I would like to have a tender and slim body but I can’t, because it’s in my genes, all my other family
members are FAT.
• I would like to have ideal life partner but I can’t because, I am not beautiful.
• I would like to follow my passion but I can’t because, I have to many responsibilities.
• I would like to write a book, but I can’t because I don’t have Degree.
• I would like to enjoy the trip but I can’t, because I am too much tensed.
• I want my kids to be successful but they aren’t because, they don’t follow their regime.

Similarly you can write down your limiting Beliefs.

So how to overcome these negative beliefs!! Yes by Allowing .
Allowing is absence of negative vibration, whereas doubt is negative vibration which is often created from limiting beliefs .

Tools to help you Allow.

Most important tool is Allowing statements , which help you to lessen your doubt ,which is preventing you from receiving what you want.After making your allowing statements, you will experience a sense of relief , that is believing you are really going to attract what you desire. Believing is other form of Absence of doubt .

How to identify that You’ve Allowed

Remembering that Allowing is the absence of negative vibration, there are two ways you can tell if you are allowing:
♦ First, you can express by how you feel. When you remove a negative feeling of resistance, most people feel a sense of relief or hear themselves saying “Ah, this feels much better!”
♦ The second way that you can express is by noticing when manifestation appears in your life. When evidence is showing up in your life, you know you are allowing.

Easy way to Create Allowing statements:

Whenever you find yourself having limiting beliefs or doubts you can use this Allowing statements technique. This will help you to release your doubts.

Writing your own allowing statements is very simple.

• Start yourself asking if there is anyone currently doing what you want to do? or having what do you want?
• If so then how many people are doing it since yesterday, past one week, month, one year.
• Write these statements in general terms because making reference to yourself will create more doubts.
• Also, make sure statements are easy to be believed.

Along with Allowing statements you also have to work on Law Of Attraction by acknowledging the things which you have and are receiving .

Jot down the proofs for LOA: This will help you to increase your belief in LOA, will keep you excited and help you map your manifestations. No matter what, please log it, regardless of its size. To lookout further on this topic, you can always contact me through email.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

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