A 1 day Signature Programme by Vivek Mantri in Pune

Why from Vivek Mantri?

Vivek Mantri, is Electronics Engineer, graduated in 1995. Post which he has vast experience in Designing of products, which was completely always a Mind Power Game. Post which he was into Sales for almost 15 years and has been also leading as Country Manager for one of TMI Company.

In December 2013, he underwent Major Surgery where his neck was fixed with 4 Screws 2 Rods and 2 Clamps for life time. Post which he started working on NLP, and could recover from this major surgical trauma is 3 months.

As on date on his Credit he has following certifications

1} Certified Life Coach-American Union of NLP
2} Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner –Global Science Foundation USA.
3} Certified NLP Practitioner-American Union of NLP
4} Master Practitioner of NLP- by Ram Verma, India Most Renowned coach.

He regularly conducts workshops and personalised sessions for various people ,right from students to Doctors , professionals to Defence personal’s . Also he works on Emotional Wellness and Relationship issues, to help you come out of Painful memories and lot more. He is one of the most wanted coach for Emotional wellness and relationship counselling. Till date he has enabled more than 7000 plus clients across the globe. He is also into Astrology past 25 years, which gave him wide exposure to understand subconscious mind.

In This upcoming Workshop

You will learn, How to
• Get rid of your Painful memories
• Break the limiting Beliefs
• Manage your Emotions
• how do we perceive & make our Beliefs
• Erase the subconscious patterns of Stress, Anxiety Anger, Depression
• Eliminate your Fears & Phobias
• Use Subconscious Mind for Success, Happiness & Goal Setting
• Enjoy mind patterns of Confidence & Motivation
• Rapport to build strong relationships with yourself & others
• & many more…..

To Book your seat call Vivek Mantri 8551999009,
Or WhatsApp on 9822793801

Regards Vivek