Emotions play very Crucial role in our life, they control each and every cell of our body . Specially on Immune cells they have strong influence.They can define the strength of immune cells and also determine the probability for level of infection.
Even certain type of cancer affecting mankind are the manifestations of suppressed emotions . Human being is combination of mind,body and soul.
Any Injury or harm to physical body, in case of Trauma or abuse has an immediate impact of the mind and consciousness. PSTD–Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is best example to prove how emotions get affected and undergo strain.Similarly if any event or incidence worries the human mind, the effect can be seen in human body. For eg
Heartbeats in case of Panic attack.sweating etc.

Similarly if someone has painful experience in life and that event has created negative emotions, person gets a big setback in life, he or she cant move further in relationship too in such cases.I have seen many clients who had painful past , and have helped them to overcome through my Pain releasing techniques through NLP. This technique helps you to erase painful event in life, apart from this there are many more powerful techniques to make your life Wonderful. So what are you waiting for , please get in touch with me .

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